Favourite Irish Legends


Dual language CD

(stories in both Irish and English)

Favourite Irish Legends includes three of the most famous Irish legends: "The Children of Lir," (Leanaí Lir), "Balor of the Evil Eye," (Balor Drochshúile) and "Wooing of Etáin," (Tóraíocht Etáin). This CD is a unique introduction to the legends, bringing them to life both in Irish and English.

In the oral tradition of Old Ireland, the storyteller served as the local historian, composing stories to record all important events. Musicians wrote and arranged music to accompany the performance of these stories. This ancient tradition is continued by Bairbre and Frank on this CD, with the presentation of these three epic tales, in Irish and English.

"A gem for Irish students."
-Pat O'Brian, San Diego, Ca.

"A great introduction to the myths of Ireland and if you are learning Irish, this is a bonus!"
-M.C. Delaney, Portland, Or.

Book also available.

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